Seyiton Battery Powered Transfer Carts

Seyiton Battery Powered Transfer Carts

Seyiton Battery Powered Transfer Cart is particularly suitable for the transportation of materials from large enterprises from the warehouse to their usage areas. Battery-powered transfer carts, with their models with a carrying capacity from 1 ton to 1000 tons, are very important for the rapid execution of the work flow in the enterprise. The transfer cars, which are very useful due to their battery power, have a carrying capacity of different tones.

Battery powered transfer carts are more ergonomic and easy to maintain solutions than their alternatives. While cable drum systems prevent the use of the transfer line by other vehicles, battery powered systems do not pose any obstacle for other vehicles.

Since mechanical wear and tear are at minimum in battery powered transfer cars, their maintenance is simpler.

The Best Battery Powered Transfer Cart for You

Battery powered transfer carts can be produced in two different ways, with or without rails, depending on the needs of the business. Rail battery powered transfer carts are cars that move on rails placed on a specific route.

Trackless Battery-powered Transfer Carts are systems that are instantly directed to every area needed by the control used by the operator. Autonomous system integration can be made to rail-free battery-powered transfer carts in enterprises with a regular work flow. Thus, savings in personnel and time can be achieved.

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