Wireless Powered Rail Transfer Carts

battery powered rail transfer cart

Wireless powered rail transfer carts receive the energy they need through the wireless energy system laid on the ground. Due to the non-contact energy transfer, the need for maintenance is minimal as mechanical wear will be minimum. It is extremely advantageous in terms of cost for businesses that need transfer conditions frequently. It is easy to use, can be used easily with a simple training. It does not pose a security risk as it does not need a plug. It is TÜV approved CE certified in accordance with international certificates.

Technical Features

  1. Loading capacity up to 1000 tons
  2. Automatic or manual control
  3. Driving speed up to 20 m/min.
  4. Tailor-made design
  5. Contactless and continuous energy transfer with wireless energy supply
  6. Suitable for outdoor and indoor operation
  7. Safety measures with safety laser scanners, light curtains and sensitive buffers
  8. IP protection class suitable for work environment
  9. TUV Austria-approved  CE-certified