Rail Transfer Cart

Our rail transfer carts are cars used for heavy load transportation from X to Y. Our rail transfer carts, which can be produced with a carrying capacity of up to 1000 tons, have a speed of 40 m / min. As with all our carts, our rail carts are TÜV approved CE certified.
rail transfer carts

Rail transfer carts are generally used for the movement of loads in the horizontal plane. It allows the load to be transported in areas that crane systems cannot reach. 

As Seyiton, we produce industrial transfer carts for the needs of our customers with our experienced technical team. In addition to our rail transfer cart, we make trackless transfer carts and fully customized transfer carts. We also produce spare parts for transfer carts. 

We guarantee that our products, which we produce in accordance with international certificates, will work for many years with high efficiency. All of our products are CE certified with TÜV approval.

battery powered rail transfer cart

Wireless Powered Rail Transfer Carts

Wireless powered transfer carts receive the energy they need through the wireless energy system.
Cable Drum Transfer Cart

Cable Drum Powered Rail Transfer Carts

Cable Drum Powered Rail Transfer Carts are whose energy feed is made with cable drum.
trackless battery powered transfer cart

Trackless Battery Powered Rail Transfer Carts

Easy to use trackless battery powered rail transfer carts
Busbar transfer carts

Busbar Powered Rail Transfer Carts

Busbar powered rail transfer carts stands out with its low cost, high performance.

Rail Transfer Cart

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