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Seyiton produces highly efficient solutions for businesses that need heavy load transfers with high carrying capacities.

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Die Transfer Cart

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Industrial transfer trolleys, with their carrying capacities of up to 1000 tons, allow the loads within the enterprise to be moved from one point to another. It ensures safety savetime, reduces production cost and icrease profit.

Transfer carts are cars that comply with international certificates, which are used for heavy load transfers within the plant.

Transfer carts can be customized with special rail, trackless, autonomous movement capabilities and power systems with battery, cable drum and busbar supply.

To determine the most suitable transfer car for you, you must first determine your needs and possibilities. Transfer cars with more features than you need will cause unnecessary costs to your business. For example, busbar powered transfer cars are economical and fast systems, while autonomous systems are AGV systems that support regular work flow. If you wish, you can decide on the most suitable transfer car with our experts. You can send a contact form by clicking here for expert support.

Prices of transfer cars vary according to business needs. The prices of the transfer cars vary according to the load they will carry, the energy supply system and their mobility.

The delivery time of the transfer cars varies according to transfer cart types. Average delivery times vary between 8-14 weeks depending on the characteristics of the car.

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